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Ladybug Philadelphia

Extra Crackers

Extra Crackers

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Each Ladybug order comes with a complimentary order of Handmade Herbed Crackers. We offer them à la carte as well, just in case one order is not enough!
Our handmade crackers are the perfect vessel for your vegan cheese or un-meat. Simple, rustic, yet full-flavored, these crackers hold their own with any combination of our accoutrements. And sure, you could also enjoy them solo, but their full, herby flavor might make you go through all the crackers before you get a chance to put anything on them, and that would be a real shame.
4 oz.


Ingredients and Care Instructions

Keep refrigerated and give the cheese some room to breathe (do NOT store in an airtight container). We recommend freezing if you don't plan to eat within the week. Click here for all ingredients and more information.

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