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Ladybug Philadelphia

Deluxe Vegan Assortment

Deluxe Vegan Assortment

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This Month's Deluxe Vegan Assortment Contains:

Gnome- Our creamy Brie-style cashew and coconut based cheese infused with champignons and encrusted with an Herbes de Provence rind. 

Cheshire- Our semi-soft version of Cheddar, cultured just long enough to get that sharp, tangy Cheddar flacor we all know and love. A very agreable cheese with a great personality, as such, it likes to party with pretty much anything your charcuterie board wants to throw at it: apples, pears, grapes, hazelnuts, cashews, mustard... you name it.

Badalisc- A cashew, Chèvre-style, dairy-free cream cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and Italian herbs.

Belgrade Blue- If attitude was a cheese, it would certainly be this rich, sharp and tangy creamy dairy-free blue cheese, which damn near knocked our socks off the first time we tried it on a cracker with pears and honey. This one loves a bold dance partner--fans of ports, sauternes, and sherries, this one's for you!

Goblin- Slightly smoky, with a complex nutty flavor which matures as it ages. Good luck letting this one age too long though, especially if you have any Belgian amber-style beer, medium-bodied red wine, or bourbon laying around. It's a grown-up cheese for grown-up good times, a perfect cheese for last call.

UnSoppressata- Ladybug meets the flavor stylings of southern Italy with this smoky, peppery delight of a meat substitute, perfect for pairing with sourdough bread, pizza, or roasted vegetables. If you'd like to pair it with a red wine, we recommend Pinot Noir, Barbera, if you're into whites, Chardonnay or Riesling should hit the spot too. 

UnPastrami- Smoky, peppery and with the taste and mouthfeel of real pastrami, our plant-based version is so convincing that we'd like to take the opportunity to assure you that yes, it is indeed vegan. Pair it with a Malbec for maximum magic.

Herbed handmade crackers- Our handmade crackers are the perfect vessel for your vegan cheese or faux-meat. Simple, rustic, yet full-flavored, these crackers hold their own with any combination of our accoutrements. And sure, you could also enjoy them solo, but their full, herby flavor might make you go through all the crackers before you get a chance to put anything on them, and that would be a real shame. 


2 oz. portions of "meats" and "cheeses", 4 oz. of herbed handmade crackers.

Ingredients and Care Instructions

Keep refrigerated and give the cheese some room to breathe (do NOT store in an airtight container). We recommend freezing if you don't plan to eat within the week. Click here for all ingredients and more information.

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